Saturday, May 7, 2011

Paint or Sew....Paint or sew...Paint or sew....

What to do....what to do???  I have to make curtains for our sitting room.....I also want to paint the 8 pieces of furniture I have for the shop....decisions decisions!!!  I think I'll do both.....while the sheepies are drying, I'll be sewing!!!!  Gotta love the farmers porch on a beautiful day for painting!!!!  I think I need a bigger space at the shop!!   I would love to put all those pieces in my space but they won't fit.  I'll take a more pics when I have finished them.

I just found my favorite paint!!!  The only problem is it takes 24 hours to dry!!!!  But when it is beautiful!! I love love love all the colonial colors it come in.  I have already painted some of my pieces the undercoat of black, now to put on the mustard color on top.  Then I am going to try my hand at make them look primitive and shabby.....we'll see how that goes!!!

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