Thursday, July 26, 2012


I just signed up for a new space in Manchester.  I love the Colectors Eye in Stratham BUT it was taking me over 45 min ONE WAY to get there and @$20 in gas each trip!!!  I stopped in at Mill City  I JUST LOVE THE HUGE CEILINGS AND THE MILL FEEL!!  What a beautiful building!  I can't wait to move in....I have to next week.  So I have to finsh a bunch of my furniture.......remove my inventory from Collectors Eye.......and pack for a week in Cape Cod!!  ALL BEFORE NEXT FRIDAY!!! 

Here are a few pieces I just finished....I picked up this wrought iron lamp/desk at good will and painted folksy sheepies on the top! I saw these sheep on the internet one day and fell in love with their folk art look so I adapted my own:

They are the same sheep I painted on my vintage sewing stand.....

Then I picked up the TOP of a vintage drop leave desk.  I loved it, it was all plain wood and just finished my painting on it. 

And last but not least...ANOTHER SCHOOL DESK!!  I just love these.  By themselves they are adorable but I can hadly get them in such good condition that they DON'T need painting!!!I still have to do some touch ups but it is ALMOST finished!!!   I acutally have another one that I will start but it is just the bench, there is no desk to the next one I will finish.

Now I just have a bunch more to finish up before next week!!!  I better get cracking on them!!

Friday, July 20, 2012


LOL- just as I was loading my chair into my van....I noticed something about those bees...............WHERE ARE THE STRIPES??  So I have since added their little bumble stripes and will take back to my store over the weekend!!!!   I wonder if anyone else would have picked up on it if I didn't notice it first!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just a few of my latest treasures ...

I have finally off a few pieces and they are headin' to my shop tomorrow! I have had that old hood milk can light for about 5 years now .......I found it in the basement and just finished it!!

I think I have painted about 6 dry sinks to date!!  I just love them, one of these days I will paint one for myself!!!

Here is a little chair I picked up and finally decided what to paint on it....

and last but not least....I picked this up in goodwill and it had a very UGLY "coffee" painting so I painted over it with my saltboxes.....

now I have to finish these two little treasures I also found in good will....I will post as soon as they are painted!!!  The coffee table will probably have my saltbox/sheep and tree classic...

.......this little table?  Not sure yet!!!

It is old and has a ton of paint on will take a while to strip it down but I loved it!!!  I LOVE GOODWILL for furniture to repaint!!!!