Sunday, October 21, 2012

TIS THE SEASON................

I have put my paint brush aside for a bit because I am in full blown Primitive Christmas mode!!!  Here its the start of a slew of Santas and Snowmen.  I made them from a pattern from Tammy Franck of Rock River Stitches.  If you want a VERY simple and great pattern for Santas and Snowmen check her out on Etsy...

I am also in the middle of creating my own patterns and origianls pieces as well.  Here is a set of Ornaments that I just finished and listed on Etsy....I think I am going to make a up a pattern for these.  I have to get back into making patterns for the pieces I design.

you can check them out at:

I think I have to fix the angel.....she looks mad!!!   ha!  I am also going to make her dress a little looks a little stumpy as it is.

I have a paper clay snowman head that I made about 3 years ago!! I have just not been in the mood to design a body and clothes. But I am in the mood now.... sooooo here is a Before....

Yep just the head!!! But I just have to figure out if I want to make a snowMAN or snowLady! I am pictuing a very plumpy rolly polly snowMAN we will just see where I go with it!
 I LOVE PAPER CLAY!! I made a snowlady doll but I think I am going to change the dress because I think It is a little boring.....

I have to make a few more heads this weekend to make more of these dolls but I have to pick out different matterial for their dress......we will see!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just finished some pieces...................

I think I am running out of room in my space for FURNITURE!!!  I just finished my blanket chest and now we are my FAVORITE time of the year for primitives...

.AUTUMN AND CHRISTMAS!!  I am getting back to my sewing...finished my Halloween/Autumn additions and now I am excited to get going with Christmas!!!

This guy I actually made a little while ago and I love him!!!  He is all original and just a great Halloween folk art piece!
It is hard to see but he is holding a burlap bag with a black cat and the crow has a piece of candy corn!
Here are a few pictures of my spot at Millcity Antiques....Need to fill in some spaces but I am getting there!!

If you haven't been there and you are in the Manchester area..........YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT!!  It really is worth the trip.  It is in the Old mill by the river and there are over 70 vendors mostly antiques....
Now that I have finished my Halloween/Autumn projects....................CHRISTMAS TIME!!! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Finished the drop leaf coffee table!!

I finished my coffee table and forgot to take a picture!!  Luckily Millcity Antiques posted a picture of it on their facebook page!!  Here it the finished table....

I am also finishing up a GREAT blanket-cedar Lane hope chest.  I got it at the antique shop and I am painting the top.  I might keep this one because it is really a beautiful cedar chest!!  We will see.  I'm getting excited about the fall and will be putting a hold on my painting...running out of floor space in my space ...and concentrating on halloween/fall stuff!!  My FAVORITE time of the year!!!  Can't wait for the cold air and cider!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Darn! Forgot the before picture!!!

Soooo I got another great piece of furniture at Goodwill....I had NO IDEA what I was going to paint on it.  I knew it was going to be black and I painted the gold squares still having not a clue what to downstairs it went until I figured out what to paint.

I went to Cape Cod with friends and in a little shop was a bureau with the words "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" on the 3 drawers of a bureau...........LIGHT BULB....came home and painted my fav prim wording and VOILA.........

I just have to get some antiquing glaze on it and it will be ready for my shop!  I still have TONS to finish up. 

I am in a new location that I absolutly LOVE!!  It is called Mill City in Manchester.  It is in one of the old Mill buildings so it has UBER charm!!  I will post some pics of my space when I can!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I just signed up for a new space in Manchester.  I love the Colectors Eye in Stratham BUT it was taking me over 45 min ONE WAY to get there and @$20 in gas each trip!!!  I stopped in at Mill City  I JUST LOVE THE HUGE CEILINGS AND THE MILL FEEL!!  What a beautiful building!  I can't wait to move in....I have to next week.  So I have to finsh a bunch of my furniture.......remove my inventory from Collectors Eye.......and pack for a week in Cape Cod!!  ALL BEFORE NEXT FRIDAY!!! 

Here are a few pieces I just finished....I picked up this wrought iron lamp/desk at good will and painted folksy sheepies on the top! I saw these sheep on the internet one day and fell in love with their folk art look so I adapted my own:

They are the same sheep I painted on my vintage sewing stand.....

Then I picked up the TOP of a vintage drop leave desk.  I loved it, it was all plain wood and just finished my painting on it. 

And last but not least...ANOTHER SCHOOL DESK!!  I just love these.  By themselves they are adorable but I can hadly get them in such good condition that they DON'T need painting!!!I still have to do some touch ups but it is ALMOST finished!!!   I acutally have another one that I will start but it is just the bench, there is no desk to the next one I will finish.

Now I just have a bunch more to finish up before next week!!!  I better get cracking on them!!

Friday, July 20, 2012


LOL- just as I was loading my chair into my van....I noticed something about those bees...............WHERE ARE THE STRIPES??  So I have since added their little bumble stripes and will take back to my store over the weekend!!!!   I wonder if anyone else would have picked up on it if I didn't notice it first!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just a few of my latest treasures ...

I have finally off a few pieces and they are headin' to my shop tomorrow! I have had that old hood milk can light for about 5 years now .......I found it in the basement and just finished it!!

I think I have painted about 6 dry sinks to date!!  I just love them, one of these days I will paint one for myself!!!

Here is a little chair I picked up and finally decided what to paint on it....

and last but not least....I picked this up in goodwill and it had a very UGLY "coffee" painting so I painted over it with my saltboxes.....

now I have to finish these two little treasures I also found in good will....I will post as soon as they are painted!!!  The coffee table will probably have my saltbox/sheep and tree classic...

.......this little table?  Not sure yet!!!

It is old and has a ton of paint on will take a while to strip it down but I loved it!!!  I LOVE GOODWILL for furniture to repaint!!!!