Saturday, April 30, 2011

What am I going to do when Hubby finishes the floor????

I love this room.....for painting!!!!  What am I going to do when he finally gets around to finishing it??  Talk about the perfect floor to do my painting....If you look closely, under my plastic paint bin....oops!  Had a BIG spill of black paint! No worries, THE FLOOR ISN'T FINISHED!!  I will have to be VERY careful when the floor gets finsihed...bummer!!!

Anyway this is the latest piece I am working on, I want to have it done by Monday to bring into the shop!
I'll post the finished pic this to baseball!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here is how it all starts....

I go to an antique shop, or another fav shop and I pick up a few things.....I don't know what I am going to do with them, but I know I can incorporate them into something....I see a pineapple or crow on the antique bunt the others???Lets just say I havn't done a prim mother nature piece and I have got some ideas.  I refuse to add them to my "I-know-I-can-use-this" pile!  At least with furniture, I HAVE to get it out of the house fast....I don't have the room for all the pieces I paint!!

So I guess I am just going to this space, I am actually in the mood to design!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello, and welcome to my new blog! I am a primitive/folk artist in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. I fell in love with all things primitive/folk art years ago and have not looked back. I sculpt, paint, embroider, sew ,design, needle punch, rug hook, needle name it, I probably tried it!!

Although I have been creating primitive/folk art pieces for years, my actual business started on Ebay waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2004 when I sold my very first primitive stitchery! I was more thrilled that someone was actually willing to buy something that I designed and made myself!! I only wish I kept a picture of it. It was very simple “Bless this home oh Lord I pray, keep it safe by night and Day” in very primitive lettering with a homespun border. I got my very first positive feedback and I was thrilled!! I don't sell on Ebay anymore...THEIR FEES ARE TOO HIGH!!! I now showcase my items on id is crowaboutprimitives, if you want to go have a peek.

Right now I have a space in a shop. I specialize in hand painted folk art furniture. Here is a slide show of my favorite pieces!!

Over the next few days, I will be finishing up some blacken beeswax items that I will share. You can see quite a few of my items on, just click on any of the images on the sides and it will take you to my shop.........come and have a peek!!!!