Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

WOW!! I have been MIA for quite some time!! I started a new full time job and have been sadly missing my sewing and painting!! Tis the season to get right back in the swing of things!!   I am getting ready to post more of my blacken bees wax on Etsy.  I have made a few of my own santas molds and bought a great one as well.
this one is from Home Spun Heart on Etsy.  I love her molds
I made a mold from a santa candy mold ornament
I also made an "Old World Santa" that I absolutly LOVE!!  I am going to try to get the pattern made up before Christmas. 

He's looooooooooooong and skinny!! I am now at a new location- The Collectors Eye in Stratham New Hampshire.  Check them out: http://www.collectorseye.com/CAP.html that is my little nook!!
Great time of year to go to the old barn if you leave close by!!!!! 
And........................I have been making little snowman gourd ornies!!  They are so cute, they are made from small spinner gourds that are dried
What else? What else??...oh yeah....

My star Santa Tree topper!!  He is on a rusty bed spring and looks great on the top of the tree.  I am going to be listing all these items VERY soon on my etsy shop as soon as I get better pictures and get around to listing them!!!  I have a bunch of other goodies I am finishing up but I think that is ALOT for now don't you???