Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lots of furniture to little time!!

I just got this blanket chest on Craigs List........painitng the front and hopfully getting it into my shop this weekend!  One of these days I will actually paint a piece of furniture that I keep for myself!!

I can't wait until it is nicer outside so I can paint outside!!
Here are a few of my latested painted furniture.....
This is a drop leaf oak desk I painted for my parents to sell for them in my shop....I put sheepies on the drawer!!!

This is another Blanket chest that I painted last year....

I also took some snaps of my little corner at THE COLLECTORS EYE in Stratham....

I love my little corner....I just wish I could afford a bigger space because I have so much furniture to paint and I don't have the room!!!!!
OHhhhhhhhhhhhhh well!!!

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